Good morning, friends! I’m only on my first cup of coffee and it just snowed a little here, and I thought about you, and me, and how I think you always know what’s going on with me because I consider you my gang, and in my mind we’re already neural-neworked.

But that’s not true! We’re still in a day and age where you have to verbally express things to other humans. Probably not for long. Just for now.

Anyway, here’s what happened to my books. If you recommended either Corporate Torsos Need Not Apply or Love in the Time of the Improvised Explosive Device to your friends, family, or political enemies lately, and they went to Amazon to purchase, they’ll see a picture of a puppy or a kitty and a little note that says, “Product not found.”

As you all know, I quietly released my first two novels in the New Espionage Collection in 2020. It wasn’t a great time for a book launch. Plus I didn’t totally know how. Without meeting in person and having a party, I really didn’t know how. So I didn’t do much by way of that whole rigamarole. I soft-launched on Amazon only, tried a few marketing experiments, and enjoyed myself while waiting to see if we all died in a deadly pandemic.

And now it’s 2022. I’m finishing up the third in the series, which will be an amalgam of short stories within the universe of the New Espionage Collection, and I’m also hard at work on my next series. [Sign up for my newsletter to get early access and advance copies of my new releases. Or join my launch team!]

I’ll be releasing this next book as the finale to a re-launch of the entire series this year for distribution across all publishing outlets: Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and bookstores.

All this is to say, they’ll be gone for a few months, but my books are coming back this year, with new ones, and they’ll be better than ever.

I hope you love them. Thanks again for all your support!

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