I’m using it for a month to test it out. There’s been a four-to-five year lag time between when I created it and when I started using it, but I’m all-in now. So far it’s mostly just writing process stuff and pictures of my marimo.

The author’s marimo prepare to hive-mind write at 5am

I’m happy with it. Since write club is in quarantine / winter exile, it’s nice to have a writing community via hashtag at least. If you have any media strategy ideas, I’m open to them.


I was recently on the prowl for a new podcast, having exhausted all of my current selection, mostly productivity-themed, that I use to procrastinate writing. I happened upon this article:

Particularly interested in:

Dead Eyes, have you given it a listen yet?

I like the idea of doing a deep-dive into getting fired because a famous person hates your face.

Wind of Change

Not totally shocking in its premise that the CIA wrote the Scorpions’ hit 1990 song, Wind of Change, but I found I just wanted to know the answer right away, and not spend 14 or 32 hours on it. Then I forgot to read about it and now I’ll never know. Catchy song.

The Curious Patents of Hendricus G. Loos

The Curious Patents of Hendricus G. Loos is by far my most popular blog. I checked in with it recently to see exactly what I said, and I was sad to see it really wasn’t much. (My newfound Tweeting hobby isn’t going to help with depth of content; notice the brevity of this blog, too.) So I’m going to do an update, really delve. Stay tuned!

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