When I was a kid, I loved spy novels. I couldn’t get enough of them. One summer I read all the spy novels I could find. And by the end of that summer, I was a total misogynist.

This year I decided to check out current spy novels. You know, to see all the progress. 

“They’ve probably changed a lot,” I thought. 


Still the same amount of racism and misogyny. I was disappointed. I’m not a kid now, so I can’t just read that crap like it’s normal, ignore it, and get brainwashed. The second I see some bullshit, it ruins the whole story for me.

The New Espionage Series is about giving readers the adrenaline of James Bond without the white supremacy. Temple of Doom-esque mystery without the xenophobia or hating on blond women. It’s possible for humans to travel the world and kick a lot of ass without the entirety of our limbs. Heroes can have different bodies or interesting scars too.  

Corporate Torsos Need Not Apply, Love in the Time of the Improvised Explosive Device (21 Dec 2020), and the New Espionage genre are about new villains, new threats, new perspectives. Fun, funny, life-affirming adventures.

For all the people.

Except Swedes.

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