Is Corporate Torsos the new Slaughterhouse-Five? You tell me.

I feel pretty confident that readers who like Kurt Vonnegut or Douglas Adams will like Corporate Torsos Need Not Apply. Would Kurt and Doug like the book if they read it? I hope so. Maybe we could seance it. That would be a fun launch concept for my next book (Love in the Time of […]

Writing inside the kyriarchy

A brief note to myself, on the verge of publishing my first novel. Even if you consider yourself an ally of the Black American movement to end the systematic slaughter and oppression of Black people, and you support this goal’s achievement by any means necessary, as you do, your writing might be just as racist […]

Robbing Fact to Pay Fiction: is it unethical?

Remember the James Frey “Million Little Pieces” incident of 2003? Maybe you don’t. So there was this writer who wrote his non-fiction account of addiction and recovery, it was a smash hit, he went on Oprah and was in her book club, and got about as successful as you can, when it was revealed to […]