Need some action in your life?

Yeah, you do! You’re in luck. I’m part of a promo that will knock your socks off, check it out: Hey Ma! It’s raining bullets again- My book is the one in pink. And it’s not just about bullets, it’s also about moms! I’m looking forward to reading (for free! If you have Kindle Unlimited, […]

Is Corporate Torsos the new Slaughterhouse-Five? You tell me.

I feel pretty confident that readers who like Kurt Vonnegut or Douglas Adams will like Corporate Torsos Need Not Apply. Would Kurt and Doug like the book if they read it? I hope so. Maybe we could seance it. That would be a fun launch concept for my next book (Love in the Time of […]

There’s no such thing as a free launch

The release of Corporate Torsos Need Not Apply happily coincided with an upswing in the Black American revolution for social justice and sadly coincided with a global pandemic. I hope the former succeeds and the latter dies out. I’d had a dry run on my book launch, leap year extravaganza, but by the time I […]