Okay, okay, I hear you. You’ve been staring at a screen for six months straight. Me too, friends.

Oh good I was hoping there would be five more Zoom meetings today I’ll keep sitting here

You want to read a book. You even want to read my book. (Aw, thanks.) But you don’t want to read an eBook. You want a real-life book, made of matter.

Cue the music!

I thought it was going to take a lot longer, and I was aiming for December 21st (when I publish my next novel, Love in the Time of the Improvised Explosive Device!), but as it turns out, I can get a real-life, made-of-matter, hold-in-your-hands copy of Corporate Torsos Need Not Apply to you much, much sooner. And I think I can even make it so that you can buy it in your local bookstore.

When, you ask?

As soon as this month, I replied, and I felt 50% sure I could do it within that timeframe.

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