Paparazzi, V-Day

My co-worker and I wanted to leave work a bit early to attend a conference sponsored by the Youth in Action Association, but she thought there might be some objection to our little excursion, so we told our boss we were going to visit a research institution to pick up some material. While we were at the youth conference, we were filmed by the local and national news networks, who put it (and us) on the evening news. Our whole unit at work saw us, including our boss. Damn paparazzi.

28 April kicks off a 3-day break for us in honor of Victory Day, which I am slightly unclear on, but might mark the day the mujahideen descended on Kabul following a 3-year period of civil war after the ousting of the Soviets in 1989, or might celebrate the victory over the Soviets themselves. One of my co-workers told me a little piece of the Ministry for Urban Development was blown up early this morning, which is an interesting way to commemorate a victory, but I guess we all have our methods of celebration. In 2008, an attempted Karzai assassination killed some parliamentarians at a V-Day event, so I don’t know if they hold those high-profile events anymore, but I’ll probably celebrate this Victory Day quietly and away from large crowds, which is coincidentally how I celebrate every day.

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