News from Chicken Street…

I took up residence in a hotel around the corner from chicken street. I guess I’ve been here about five days or so.

Five days ago, in the Frankfurt airport:

Customs officer: Kabul? (Something in German.)
Me: Yes. For Work.
Customs officer: (Something in German.)
Me: …
Him: For Uncle Sam?
Me: For Uncle…Karzai?

My new job is confusing for all of us.

Incidentally, I am missing my first day of work right now. Something complex and political is going on and every single road I need to take to get there is closed. Instead I’m eating a hummus sandwich at my favorite new restaurant.

Anyways, here’s an update-

The Good News: After a week or whatever amount of time has gone by, there have been no attempted kidnappings and I still have all my limbs. The food is great and they believe in overeating here.

The New Threats: The gas heaters potentially give off carbon monoxide and poison you. This is especially dangerous in places like showers, where as I understand it steam forces the gas down and you pass out in there and die. The owner of my hotel has lost some millions of dollars in embezzled money to gambling debts. Rumor has it the lobby has seen a shootout in recent times.

The Bad News: No internet at home. Gotta move.

Things I thought I might write about if my computer battery wasn’t going to die-

How I unwittingly booked the first nonstop flight from Frankfurt to Kabul and the departure gate party that followed.
My new sitcom idea, Anandi & Abdullah.
Afghani home visit.
Nasr’s stories about the time of the Soviets and the time of the Mujahideen.
My first domestic dispute in Kabul.
The British pub.

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  1. Hey girl. I am really looking forward to reading some meaty stuff on this blog. I laughed at this entry – there's carbon monoxide poisoning, gambling debts and shootouts, but the reason you have to move is there is no internet. Ha. Take care of yourself.

  2. Sorry for the late update, Paul. I found work in Kabul, for an indeterminate length of time. Or about six months. I don't know. I may have misnamed the blog.

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