Happy New Year!

I rang in 1389 on a weekend holiday to the city of Herat, walking around Old City alleys, staring at minarets, sitting around in Friday Mosque, climbing Herat Citadel (courtesy of Alexander the Great), and drinking tea on the roof of Jam Hotel. It was dissimilar to the western concept of New Year’s celebrations in some respects, such as the lack of screaming, drinking, and other obvious party functions, although the hotel did string up some lights outside that blinked on and off. On the other hand, traffic did get a bit worse.
A short movie of Herat images in similar fashion to my 2-week movie is probably on its way.

For my first act of 1389, I ate a flavor of ice cream I had never tried before. It tasted like pistachios and rosewater. Also a little bit like cigarettes.

Afghanistan, Pro. Green tea is the national drink of choice: good for health, widely available at low prices.
Afghanistan, Con. Job interview, date, and kidnapping: all virtually indistinguishable from each other in the early stages.

Forthcoming on the blog:
15+ years of staunch vegetarianism die an unholy death when I eat a small pile of unknown baby animal parts.

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