Conversations in Afghanistan

At a business appointment in Kabul, 30 March-

CT: Would either of you like some hash?
Me: No…no thanks. You know, I don’t want to do anything that would interfere with my ability to run away from something.
CT: You’d be surprised how the adrenaline kicks in. Anyway, sometimes it’s about knowing when to run away and when not to.
Me: Yeah…but didn’t you get shot?
CT: Well, it’s a judgement call.

On a road trip to Istalif, 2 April-

Mark: Is it safe?
Me: Yeah, of course it’s safe. And anyway, (pointing to the driver) we’ve got Massoud’s bodyguard here to protect us. (Referring to Ahmad Shah Massoud, military commander of the Northern Alliance.)
Mark: Does he have a gun?
Me: No, but he’s got his hands.
Greg: Didn’t Massoud get killed?
Me: …yeah. Shit. Yeah. They assassinated him.

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  1. JP,

    I just wanted to take a moment and say that I have really enjoyed reading your posts.

    My name is Marshall and I'm a " US" freelancer and thought since your fresh to Afghanistan that you might lend some perspective to the current climate "daily life". Point is I'm trying to make some new friends there and it would be awesome if we might e-mail each other when you have time. Also might it be possible for you to put me in touch with Paul Junior .. I have some specific "freelance" questions for him..

    I will close for now and wish you well and hope that you can find the time to respond..

    Many Thanks,

    Marshall K

  2. Greetings Marshall,

    Thanks very much for your interest. Happy to oblige. I will send you an email and put you in touch with Paul Junior.

    Best regards,


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