I’m taking a Facebook ads class and the cardinal rule our instructor is trying to get across is people hate being sold to. You have to add value to their lives with your product, even if that product is an ad. Especially if that product is an ad.

And yet, for some reason I can’t stop writing clickbait. Why?

Anyway, I found a list of ideas for stories I had when I was in a Gotham Writers Workshop the last time I lived in New York City.

Here it is.

  • Ex-cons working on a chile pepper farm
  • Opening a branch of the FDA in Afghanistan
  • A love story between a businessman and a cheetah
  • A microwave salesman discovers his husband’s affair with an oven salesman
  • Heist at a pot-growing commune
  • Inside job serial killing at a prep school
  • The great artist destroys all his art and becomes an economist
  • The prisoner in solitary confinement attacks his handler
  • A coming of age story about a lobster
  • A pediatric nurse fights cancer with a magic bakery

I wish I’d already implemented all of these ideas, but I’m happy to say two of these are already under way.

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