Why do you always have to be such a blockhead?

-My dad

Being an indie author has been fraught with a lot of learning experiences. Remember that time I gave all that money to a con artist book coach? Or when I took 24 years to finish my first novel?

But these days there isn’t really any going it alone anymore; or, there doesn’t have to be. Truly, there has never been a better time to be a self-published author. There are a TON of resources in the self-publishing community. I’m looking forward to attending my first 20Booksto50K conference later this year in Las Vegas.

And, for every one star review on Amazon that shoves your face in the literary dirt (“vulgar and confusing” felt a little bit complimentary), there’s a self-published experience that makes you feel like David Foster Wallace on the Infinite Jest book tour, i.e., my most recent podcast appearance, on The Book Lover’s Companion.

Knitting, Gossip, and the New Espionage…on the next episode of
The Book Lovers Companion

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