Live from Petra: Horses and people and books and coffee shops

I walked into the Petra Museum gift shop to pick up a few postcards, in case I was too tired after my visit to make those kinds of decisions. “How are you?” the shopkeep said. “Great,” I said. “How are you?” “Still breathing.” “Glad to hear it.” “What’s your name?” “Jessica.” “Oh, you’ve got to […]

“Antigravity belts will revolutionize warfare” and other shitty predictions

When you’re trying to finish up the edit on your near-future cli-fi corporate conspiracy action-adventure comedy that you’ve been working on for 24 years, it gets you thinking about all the things you thought would be around by 2020, but aren’t. The Jordan Times read my mind today (that technology probably exists) and re-published a […]

Don’t run a marathon you didn’t train for…

…and other dumb rules. That’s what this blog post is about. Those of you who know me (and let’s face it, that’s basically all of you. If you read this blog, you’re a personal friend) know that I go to great lengths to procrastinate writing. This year I picked a doozy: running a marathon. I […]