A little flashback-

Day Zero (2 Feb 2010 or somewhere around there): My Afghan visa arrives in the mail. I’m mystified that these things just get handed out.

Day One: I take a leave of absence from grad school.

Day Two: I solidify the lying process to my parents and several others to protect them from my new decision. I claim to be going to Paris, Frankfurt, India. Two of those are true.

Day Nine: I’m on a plane to France. I visit some friends I met in Tanzania five years ago. They feed me and shelter me and do all the work. I see some famous stuff.

Day Thirteen (now): I’m sitting in the Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight to Kabul.

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  1. Hey girl, We were so happy to have you come stay with us in Paris and see some famous stuff. The macaroons weren't too bad either? We'll be thinking of you and we hope the trip will be amazing. Come stay at our place on your return trip. Love, Steve, Tash, Max and Kate

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