• Countdown to Rats!
    Only 30 days left until my story Rats is published in a thrilling thriller anthology edited by the great Craig Martelle; I’m excited to read all the other authors, and to add this story to my trilogy of shorts in my own New Espionage Collection. If you’re interested in my other short stories, T-Rex and […]
  • The Thrilling Conclusion to the Curious Incident of the Hot Dog Buns in the Night-Time
    *Spoiler alert: The denouement to this series is just as unsatisfying and ambiguous to read as it was to live through. I hired a local psychic, Dr. Z. If you’ve never hired Dr. Z before, try it out! He’s a real treat. I was too up-front with the first psychic I tried to hire, the […]
  • Part 2: The Curious Incident of the Hot Dog Buns in the Night-Time
    0. Recap Here’s what happened in Part One of The Curious Incident of the Hot Dog Buns in the Night-Time: I took an allergy test, and The allergy test said I wasn’t allergic to gluten, so I purchased multiple forms of gluten, including hot dog buns, but then The hot dog buns disappeared from my […]
  • The Curious Incident of the Hot Dog Buns in the Night-Time
    1. Food allergies: real or perceived? In late-2020, after nine months of isolation living, I decided to treat myself to a binge purchase of at-home testing for personal health discovery. I was aggressively excited about one of the tests in particular, a food sensitivity test by Everlywell. (No link because I’m not on commission, they […]
  • Twitter and podcasts and Hendricus G. Loos
    Twitter. I’m using it for a month to test it out. There’s been a four-to-five year lag time between when I created it and when I started using it, but I’m all-in now. So far it’s mostly just writing process stuff and pictures of my marimo. I’m happy with it. Since write club is in […]
  • Love in the Time of the Improvised Explosive Device
    I opened junk drawer number one: no. Junk drawer number two: not in here. Maybe I was wrong.  Third and final junk drawer?  There it was.  I thought Elise had been storing our hammer in a new spot, but I couldn’t quite place where. Why did she have so many junk drawers, only to use […]

Corporate Torsos Soundtrack

One song per chapter…listen before or after reading to assist the book’s ability to control your mind and emotions.